Adding boats

The first time you log into you will see a list of boats. If you are crew and your skipper asked you to join, find their boat and click on “register”. Depending on how they have the preferences set you may be automatically joined or the system will send an email telling the Captain that you asked to join. The Captain will then approve you joining the team.

If you are a skipper and want to add your boat to than scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “add a new boat”. The next page will you ask some questions about your boat. If there is more than one harbor in your city you may want to put something like Montrose Harbor, Chicago IL. for your location. More on that in an upcoming tip. One last thing, if you select “Self Register? then any crew can sign themselves up for your program. Cool if you are looking for crew. More on that in a future tip.

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