Adding Events

Today’s tip is how to add events to your boats schedule. After you have created your boat in the system it will take you to a summery page. Under the summery you will see a button for EVENTS. Click on that. The next page will show that you do not have any events yet. You can manually add events by clicking on “Add Events” or you can use the predefined events by clicking on “Add Event from List”.

From the “add event from list button you will be taken to the list of all the events in the system. You can use the search function to limit it by name say “NOOD” or by club like CCYC or CASRA. If your club is not yet using we can add all you events by sending the list to

Click on a few events that interest you. You can also set the default meet on dock or race start times. When you are done scroll down to the bottom and click on “Transfer Selected Events” Congrats they are on your schedule. You can now sign up for the events but we’ll save that for another day.

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