Messaging changes

This week we made some changes to the way Roster Monsters does messaging. There is a lot of new stuff here so I am going to start with the simple stuff and work our way up over the next few days.

Select one of your boats then select “View all signups”. Next to an event description you will see a envelope. Clicking on that will bring up a dialog box from there you can type in your message. Be creative, dock code got changed, Joe has beer. traffic will be bad in the park, whatever information you need to send. When you click on “Send” the system will send an email to just the crew signed up for that event. No more spamming your entire crew list to tell them you are going to be 10 min late.

You can also send a message from the event info page. Select a boat, then select “Events” then select an event. From there you can click on “Message Crew”

This works the same for crew or owners/crew bosses

Tune in tomorrow for some more cool new messaging features…

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