More on Messaging

I promised some more tips on messaging. Did you know you can use Roster Monsters to find crew or find boats to crew on? At some point in the future this will be part of our Premium Features but for now we will let you do some networking on us.

Go to your home page or “Your Dashboard”. Easy way to get there is to click on the Roster Monsters logo in the upper left of any screen.

Then scroll down to the “Hints” section. From there you can click on “Discover new crew” or “Discover new boats”

That will bring up a page or Boats looking for crew or crew looking for boats. Find one that looks interesting and click on “Contact Boat” or “Contact Crew”. That will bring up a dialog box that will allow you to compose a message. Hit send and the owner and crew boss will get your note.

It works the same for crew except only the crew member you messaged will get the note.

Please network safely and get to know the person you are messaging before going out on the water with them. Like any networking site, same safety rules apply.

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