Profile pictures

We again rolled out some new features last week. In your personal profile you can add your picture and in your boat’s profile you can put a picture of the boat. From the dashboard click on your boat. Once the boat info comes up click on the “Edit” button. From there you can click on the picture spot to load one for your boat. Chose your boat or logo or just about anything for that spot. Remember we are a family friendly site.


You can also add a picture to your Crew Profile  Click on the box on the upper right corner. You will see a dropdown, select Profile then select Edit. From there you can edit your data including your picture. Dont forget to click the Submit button to save it

We also added a spot where you can add some more info about your program including sailing types, racing styles and racing types. It’s on the same page just scroll down a little.

When prospective crew are looking for a boat they will see these and gain some insight into your program. Later this week I’ll tell you how to find crew or how to find a boat if you are crew.

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