Adding (or removing) yourself from the crew finder.

Today I had an interesting question from one of the hot T-10 boats in the Chicago Fleet.  I thought I would post a refresher. The question was how do I turn on or off my visibility in the RailMeets crew finder?   You can, you need to edit your profile.

First for a crew member. Click on the silhouette (or picture if you have uploaded one) and select “My Info” then click on “My Profile”.  The first line in your profile is “ Show On Crew Finder” If it says No and you want to be on the crew finder click on edit and change it to Yes.  It defaults to No and you can change it to yes or back to no at any time. Don’t forget click on submit.

You may be asking why My Info and My Profile are two separate screens? The My Info page is information that we consider highly personal. We do not share this except with your captain/crew boss and then only to make the site work.  The My Profile page is the page that is posted on the crew finder should you chose to participate.  It’s kind of like your sailing resume and gives potential skippers a sense of how you might fit into their program.

For boats it’s a little different. If you are an owner or crew boss you need to edit your Boat Data. From the top line select “My Boats”. Next select the boat you wish to check by clicking on the boats name. That will bring up the boats profile. With the exception of “Certificate” this information is shared on the Boat Finder. In the middle of the page it asks “Need New Crew? if it says ”Yes” then this boat is listed in the boat finder.  If “No” then it is not listed. Click on edit to change it.  Don’t forget to click on submit.

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