Privacy Policy Update

In light of the recent shenanigans in the social media world, I thought I would remind everybody that RailMeets does have a Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service listed on the site. Bottom line we do not sell your data to anyone. We only securely share your data with members of the RailMeets network such as your team mates or crew boss/skipper when you allow it. For example your weight for one-design races to your Captain/crew boss, or phone number for yacht clubs that are subscribers to the RailMeets AND you have chosen to share your information with.

The set of complete policies are:
– Terms Of Service:
– Privacy Policy:
– Third Parties:

You can always find them in the footer of any page within RailMeets. If you have any questions about these policies or anything else about RailMeets click on the contact-us link and send us a note.

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