Keep those schedules coming…

Today we posted the Chicago J109 fleet schedule. Here is how to add preset events to your schedule. From My Dashboard click on your boat name, then click on Back To Events, then click on Add Events From List. On the right side you will see a search box, put something in there to narrow the choices, Chicago, CASRA, T10, J109, NOOD etc…

Next click on the events that you want to add to your schedule, don’t forget to set the default times at the top. Top tip – add the events in groups like all the Wednesday night stuff then the weekend stuff. If needed you can also change the times later. Then scroll down and click on Transfer Selected Events. That’s it you are done the selected events have been added to your boats schedule.

Manage your Volunteers

It’s been a few weeks since I posted here but rest assured we have been busy. We exterminated a few bugs, been talking to OD fleets about future features, introduced SMS or text messaging (more on that next week) and what has been keeping us real busy is Race Committee Volunteer Management.  RailMeets can now be used to manage your clubs race assets, volunteers, PRO’s, marks , boats, heck even the party areas. It’s designed to make your Race Committees life easier.   The best part if your club is a RailMeets subscriber and you volunteer your assignments will appear on your Dashboard right next to your sailing commitments.  You can view your clubs entire RC schedule at a glance. Is your regular boat out of town? You can now check and see if your RC needs some help. Tracking tools for the RC to see who had done their assignments and who still needs to volunteer. Want to learn more send us a note

Bring your other friends along

Here is a cool use for RailMeets. Do you have any four legged crew members? No I am not talking about your rabid bow man but that k9 that always seems to be hanging out on the boat. It’s easy just put them on as a guest or if they have skills set up another account for them. Then your crew will know when to bring the doggy treats. Here Captain John and “Sailor” discuss tactics.


CASRA Tri/Bi-State

In a sure sign that summer is coming to a close this weekend is the Tri/Bi State regatta. For those of you not racing on southern Lake Michigan. This race has been around forever, is always on Labor Day weekend and is one of the most beloved races in the area. Sponsored by Jackson Park and Michigan City Yacht Clubs it starts Friday night from a point just offshore of Chicago near downtown. You watch the Chicago skyline fade over the horizon with the sun setting behind it as you head to St Joe, Michigan. If it is an average race most boats will finish as the sun rises over the Michigan shore. Spend Saturday relaxing on the beach, Sunday race back to Chicago or keep on going for the short hop to Michigan City Indiana. Then on Monday race from Michigan City to Chicago. Always a good time.

As you may know RailMeets has partnered with CASRA to provide a place to store LMPHRF rating certificates and as you know as part of the notice of race you are required to upload them to the site. Go to and select Rating Validation at the top of the screen. That will take you to the login screen. If you are a RailMeets user you can log in the same way you do with RailMeets. Once you are in click on “My Boats”.  Then click on your boat name.  That will bring up your boat profile, scroll down and you will see a blue box that says “Edit Certificates” that will bring up all your certificates, scroll down and you will see “Upload New Certificate” use the browse button to find it on your hard drive. Don’t forget to select share with CASRA and click on submit. You are now in compliance with the NOR. New to the site visit our blog for other tips and tricks including creating your boat and uploading your crew as well as using the crew finders.

Best of luck to our Tri/Bi-State racers and stay safe

Chicago to Mac

The events that happened at the start of this past weekends Chicago to Mackinac race were very sobering to us and the sailing community. Here at RailMeets our thoughts are with Jon’s family, friends and shipmates. We did not know him other than meeting once at a party but I am positive he will be remembered fondly and be missed.

Every one of us has moved around on a boat only to have a wave kick the boat sideways or push the boat up or down sending us into a tumble. Sometimes we get a nasty bruise or cut, we put some tape on it and keep going. Once in a while we get a leg in the water but we grab a lifeline or one of our shipmates manages to grab us as we go flying by. Rarely do we end up in the water.

Every so often a perfect shit storm happens. A slip leads to a fall which leads to a person in the water in difficult conditions. Equipment malfunction stacks the odds against them.

Most sailing tragedies we rationalize away. We think we wouldn’t have made that navigation error or that my boat is perfectly maintained or I don’t sail on a science project or I am in shape and my body can handle the stress. This one hits home because missteps and falls have happened to everyone that has ever stepped on to a race boat. It’s the nature of the game and part of the risks we take to pursue the sport we love and are passionate about.

Kudos to the boats and sailors that were able to be part of the search. It will be a while before we see a report on what happened but till then I ask that you go into your gear bag and check your equipment. Do your shoes and boots have enough traction? Check your life vest, is it in good condition? If it’s an inflatable, have you checked if it inflates? Is the trigger expired? Are your sailing gloves in good condition? How about your shipmates equipment?

This is not a reason to stop racing sailboats. I doubt Jon would have wanted that. It is a reason to pause, check our equipment and make sure we always have one hand for the boat and one for ourselves.

Bring your long underware…

Chicago to Mac race. This is the 110th edition of the 330 mile freshwater classic. Looking at the entry list I see RailMeets users in just about every section. With a northerly breeze setting up on the race course this one looks like it it could be a challenge. Bring your long underwear and remember one hand for yourself and one hand the boat. Good luck, sail fast and sail safe!

Sweet Home Chicago…

We are based in Chicago and we are proud of our heritage and our city. Our season is short but intense. If you go to the RailMeets home page we feature our city on point. The picture was taken from the vicinity of the Wilson Ave. water intake crib looking southwest. The boats racing are part of the notoriously competitive Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club’s Wednesday Night Series. CCYC is one of the clubs that use RailMeets to help organize their racing. We can help with crew finders, dues collection, rating certificate storage, schedule management and many other tasks to make your clubs racing better. Drop us an email and let us know how we can help your club. Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 7.39.02 PM.png

Privacy Policy Update

In light of the recent shenanigans in the social media world, I thought I would remind everybody that RailMeets does have a Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service listed on the site. Bottom line we do not sell your data to anyone. We only securely share your data with members of the RailMeets network such as your team mates or crew boss/skipper when you allow it. For example your weight for one-design races to your Captain/crew boss, or phone number for yacht clubs that are subscribers to the RailMeets AND you have chosen to share your information with.

The set of complete policies are:
– Terms Of Service:
– Privacy Policy:
– Third Parties:

You can always find them in the footer of any page within RailMeets. If you have any questions about these policies or anything else about RailMeets click on the contact-us link and send us a note.


This week I had the opportunity to teach at the first session of the CCYC Crew School. After, I was able to meet some new users. It’s always great to meet you guys, talk about sailing and the problems you encounter in organizing your programs as well as answer any questions you might have about RailMeets. Unfortunately we can’t be everywhere but you can contact us via email by using the link at the bottom of every page. Feel free to connect with us for your comments and questions.

More Updates

Overnight we rolled out another update to RailMeets. Included in this release:

On the main page we added a sign in button in the upper right corner, before you had to look a bit for it.

We also simplified the creation of new user accounts. If you thought it was simple before, the new process is even easier. Tell your non RailMeets friends, it’s easy to get started!

On your dashboard you will see a new section. “My Dues” From here you will be able to pay your fleet dues, memberships and other fees for participating clubs and fleets. If you are a fleet captain or club officer, contact us to learn how we can make your life easier.image(1) copy 2.png