Members Only

Based on your feedback we made some tweaks on how you can show your membership to clubs that are RailMeets partners. Click on your silhouette in the upper right corner and select my info.  Next you will see a button labeled My Clubs.

Select that and you will see a list of clubs that are RailMeets partners. If you are a member of these participating clubs your can share your rating certificate or pay your fleet dues using RailMeets.

If you club is not on the list, drop us a note to learn what RailMeets can do for your clubs sailing program.

Lots of messages…

We recently rolled out a couple of new messaging features. You can now message the entire crew from the boats profile. Look for the “Contact All Crew” button at the bottom of the boat profile page. That will bring up a box that you can type a message and send to all the boats crew. Which brings me to the next change. emails from the site will now come from That mailbox is not monitored so any questions, comments, feature suggestions or other rants and manifestos should be sent to or

VIP’s to the left

You may have noticed that RailMeets lists your crew in alphabetical order but when they start signing up it seems to get scrambled. There is a method to the madness. The more stuff a crew member signs up for the more RailMeets thinks he or she is worth and moves them to the left nearest to the event. It is forward looking so it’s looking at future signups. Want to include past performance? Click on the “Show past signups” to include all data. Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 11.25.04 AM.png

Inviting your crew with a silver platter

We added a feature today specifically for captains and crew bosses. You now can send an invitation to your crew to join you on RailMeets. From the Dashboard near the bottom your will see “Want to bring in your existing crew? Invite them from your boat’s crew list page.”   Clicking on that will take you to a list of your crew.  Scroll down and you will see a button to “Invite your Crew”.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 4.42.43 PM.png

That will bring up a box that you can input email addresses.  Maybe you have a crew email you send out every week. Copy and paste those into the box.  The system will figure out the emails as long as you have a space between them.  Comma, semicolon, it doesn’t matter what your email program uses to separate the addresses as long as there is a space between them. If they are not email addresses the system will also recognize that and not send an email to the junk.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 4.46.13 PM.png

The system will send an email to that person inviting them join RailMeets with a link to the site and your boat.

Setting Your Boats Location

Set your boats location – make it a bit more specific. The other day I was looking at the boat finder and I am finding boats from all over North America. That’s great thank you for using RailMeets! Top tip – when setting your boats location be more specific than you were with your personal location. Why, well in a lot of areas harbors can be difficult to get to and major cities can have multiple harbors. If prospective crew lives or works on the other side of the city they might not be able to get to your boat on time. For best results we recommend using the harbor your boat is moored in.

Setting Your Location

Setting your location – keep it general. I was looking at the crew finder and I am seeing people from all over the country. That’s great, thank you for using RailMeets! Top tip when you enter your location don’t enter your street address or neighborhood or anything that specific as that information will appear in the crew search. Here why, say a visiting skipper is racing in Chicago and he needs crew. Whats the first thing he does? He goes on RailMeets to look. First thing he does is check Chicago as a location. Why? cause that’s where he is at. He doesn’t know where Villa Park is so he never finds you and you miss an opportunity.

Lets Get Specific

Last week when we revamped the crew profile we also revamped the crew finders. In the old system crew would indicate which of the major crew positions they were interested in and then state an average experience level. Skippers would search on that. but not everybody is great at everything. The new system allows crew to rate themselves at the major positions and skippers can search on those ratings. Now you can find someone with the skills needed to fit even better into your program.

Are You Experienced?

Last week we revamped the crew profile and crew finders a bit. Before you would set your overall experience and then set what positions your were interested in. But lets say you are the President of jib trim but just an average Helm.  Now you can set your skill level for each of the major positions. In this new system you rate yourself. If you select “Not My Thing” that position will not appear in your profile. If you said that your were intermediate under the old system all your positions are currently set to intermediate under the new system. Go to your profile and check it out.