More Updates

Overnight we rolled out another update to RailMeets. Included in this release:

On the main page we added a sign in button in the upper right corner, before you had to look a bit for it.

We also simplified the creation of new user accounts. If you thought it was simple before, the new process is even easier. Tell your non RailMeets friends, it’s easy to get started!

On your dashboard you will see a new section. “My Dues” From here you will be able to pay your fleet dues, memberships and other fees for participating clubs and fleets. If you are a fleet captain or club officer, contact us to learn how we can make your life easier.image(1) copy 2.png

Dashboard changes

You may have noticed we did a tweak to the dashboard. After you sign in you will see that we changed the “My Boats” box to “Boat Schedule”. From there pick the boat that you want to view and the boats schedule with the signups will appear. This should streamline things and improve the user experience. If you remember the old way it would take several clicks to get to the schedule.


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