Two new features added

We added two new features this week,  both were asked for in the last user group.  First feature is the ability to see past events.  To access it you will see a check box “Show past events”.  Checking that box will show all of your past dates.  So if you are a skipper and want to see who did the NOODs with you last year, its easy.  Who crewed last weekend? Easy check the box.  Unchecking the box will return you to the default view of just the future events.

The other new feature is as a default, crew that signs up for more races will be placed on the left side of the crew list.  Ones that rarely or only occasionally signup will be placed to the right.   This works in conjunction with the “show past events” box.  If you have that checked it will count last year when figuring out who to place where within the view.  If two crew members have crewed the same of times they will be placed in alphabetical order.  image(1) copy.png

Deleting Events

About once a week we push out a new release of This week’s release we added something that many of you have been asking for, the ability to delete an event. In the past to delete a event you needed to send us an email and we took care of it. No more, you now have the power to delete an event (at least owners and crew bosses do).

Here is how, from your event page click on the event that you wish to delete. The details for the event should appear. From there click on the delete button along the bottom about in the middle of the window. The system will ask you to confirm and the event is gone, never to bother you again.

Ok so you are not wielding the wand of Odin but you now have more control and in these turbulent times don’t we all want more control.

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