Safety at Sea

If you have taken a Safety at Sea course we have added greater refinement to the course options available. In addition to the US Sailing 1/2 day, 1 day and 2 day courses we have added Storm Trysail Foundation Junior and for those of you outside the US, the World Sailing Offshore (1 day) and World Sailing International Offshore (2 day with hands on). To change your selection Click on the Silhouette (or your picture) in the upper right corner, select My Info. Scroll down to Crew Finder Profile and select Update Profile. Scroll down a bit for the Safety at Sea Course and select the course that you have taken. While you are at it update the date that you took the course. Don’t forget to hit Update when you are done.

Official crew finder for the 2020 Newport to Bermuda Race

RailMeets is proud to announce that we have been selected as the official North American crew finder for the 2020 Newport to Bermuda race. With RailMeets you can add to your profile that you are available for the race. Go to My Info, then Crew Finder Profile, update, check Newport Bermuda Race and click on update. That’s it, ready to go.

Prospective skippers can search for crew that would like to do the race by using the filters. They can also search on specific skill sets needed to round out the crew.

See the official announcement here…

For more information about the race see

2019 CASRA schedule is in RailMeets

Chicago Area Sail Racing Association or CASRA released their schedule today and it will be up on RailMeets in the events section on Thursday 1/10/2019. We will be adding more club and organization schedules as we receive them. I promise on Friday I will show you how to add these events to your boats schedule.

Do you have a club schedule that you would would like to have in RailMeets? Send it to us We like them best if in .xls or google sheets format but we will accept cocktail napkins as long as the handwriting is legible. For electronic files we usually have them up in 24hrs, cocktail napkins take a little longer.

Sydney to Hobart

Merry Christmas to all our users. We hope you are having a great holiday. If you are spending it with family and the discussion with old weird Uncle Harold gets to politics and you need a diversion? Here great reason to excuse yourself and go to the other room, the Rolex Sydney to Hobart race. 628 Nautical miles and some say the most grueling yacht race in the world.

Race starts at at noon on 12/26 (Boxing day) Australia time. Because it’s on the other side of this great big blue ball that we live on we can catch the start on Christmas day 8PM USA central time (9PM eastern). The Cursing Yacht Club of Australia always puts on great coverage of the start, their yacht tracker is excellent and lots of interesting content on their site. Here is the link

SMS Messaging is now live

Here in the northern hemisphere the boats are away but in preparation for next year we are still adding features to RailMeets.  A very much requested feature has been SMS messaging, it is now live. You can set the system to send a text message to your crew for any last minute updates. There are two parts to setting it up. First you and your crew need to set up your profile. Login and then click on your picture in the upper right corner (mobile users look for the three bars in the upper right corner). Select My Info and then click on Edit.  Make sure you have your cell phone number in the phone number space and that the flag for country is correct. Click on Submit. Then click on My Settings and then Edit. In the Notifications pane, next to Last Minute Updates check SMS and then Update. That’s it, you are now ready to receive text messages from RailMeets.

When you need to send a last minute text to your crew do the following. From your dashboard click your boat name, that will bring up a list of events, find the event that you need to send the text for, then click on the envelope to send a message.

A window will pop up for you to type your message. Check the box for “Send as last minute notification (SMS if chosen by crew)” In a few seconds your phone will ding with a message. If your crew does not have SMS messaging set up in RailMeets they will get an old fashioned email.

RailMeets success story

Earlier this week I received a message via the RailMeets messaging system from Alex. He was in Chicago on business and was looking to get out for a race. We had a spot on my boat so I added him as a guest. You can add guests by going to the Change My Signups screen. For any event tap on the two people and a box will open, there you can indicate the number of guests. IMG_7617.jpg


Alex showed up at the appointed time, gear bag in one hand six pack of good beer in the other. He helped us rig the boat for the first CCYC pursuit race. For those of you that don’t know what a pursuit races is the Race Committee takes everyone’s handicaps and calculates the start time based on everyone finishing at the same time. So every boat with a different rating starts at a different time. We slot in after the T-10’s but just before our main rival a Farr39.

How did it go? We started late, had a decent upwind leg, passed a boat on the reaching leg. We then headed downwind into heavy fog. During a botched spinnaker take-down in the fog we lost sight of the fleet and the next mark. We missed the mark and realized our mistake when we sailed out of the fog and noticed everyone else on a different angle. We withdrew, opened some beers and sailed around a bit before heading in. On the way in we hit the heavy fog again. Predictably the GPS batteries died but fortunately one of the crew had his phone on him. Google maps, the ships compass and going slow got us home.

After we hung out in the club with our new friend Alex, a good time was had by all.

Do you have a RailMeets success story? Send us an email and tell us about it. If we use your story we’ll send you a nifty new RailMeets hat. IMG_7616.jpgIMG_7608.jpgIMG_7612.jpg