Sweet Home Chicago…

We are based in Chicago and we are proud of our heritage and our city. Our season is short but intense. If you go to the RailMeets home page we feature our city on point. The picture was taken from the vicinity of the Wilson Ave. water intake crib looking southwest. The boats racing are part of the notoriously competitive Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club’s Wednesday Night Series. CCYC is one of the clubs that use RailMeets to help organize their racing. We can help with crew finders, dues collection, rating certificate storage, schedule management and many other tasks to make your clubs racing better. Drop us an email and let us know how we can help your club. Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 7.39.02 PM.png

Privacy Policy Update

In light of the recent shenanigans in the social media world, I thought I would remind everybody that RailMeets does have a Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service listed on the site. Bottom line we do not sell your data to anyone. We only securely share your data with members of the RailMeets network such as your team mates or crew boss/skipper when you allow it. For example your weight for one-design races to your Captain/crew boss, or phone number for yacht clubs that are subscribers to the RailMeets AND you have chosen to share your information with.

The set of complete policies are:
– Terms Of Service: https://railmeets.com/termsofservice
– Privacy Policy: https://railmeets.com/privacy
– Third Parties: https://railmeets.com/thirdparties

You can always find them in the footer of any page within RailMeets. If you have any questions about these policies or anything else about RailMeets click on the contact-us link and send us a note.


This week I had the opportunity to teach at the first session of the CCYC Crew School. After, I was able to meet some new users. It’s always great to meet you guys, talk about sailing and the problems you encounter in organizing your programs as well as answer any questions you might have about RailMeets. Unfortunately we can’t be everywhere but you can contact us via email by using the link at the bottom of every page. Feel free to connect with us for your comments and questions.

More Updates

Overnight we rolled out another update to RailMeets. Included in this release:

On the main page we added a sign in button in the upper right corner, before you had to look a bit for it.

We also simplified the creation of new user accounts. If you thought it was simple before, the new process is even easier. Tell your non RailMeets friends, it’s easy to get started!

On your dashboard you will see a new section. “My Dues” From here you will be able to pay your fleet dues, memberships and other fees for participating clubs and fleets. If you are a fleet captain or club officer, contact us to learn how we can make your life easier.image(1) copy 2.png

Yacht Club Crew Finders for the 21st Century

Our good friends at Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club have a new crew finder and guess what? It’s Powered by RailMeets! This is the first of many partnerships that we will be announcing in the coming months. If you are a current RailMeets user your RailMeets user ID and password will work across all the Powered by RailMeets sites. Best of all you can see your data across all our partner sites.

Looking for a boat? Looking for crew? Why post your phone number and email address on some musty old school crew and boat finder when you can use RailMeets or our partner sites like CCYC. Your information is kept secure and you don’t have to worry about your email getting spammed. You can use the search function to find the perfect boat or crew member. You chose what information is displayed and who you share it with. You can actively search and contact prospective crew or boats or passively wait for someone to contact you.

Want to power your clubs crew and boat finder with RailMeets, please contact us to learn more or visit our site.

You can check out CCYC’s crew finder here http://www.corinthian.org/crew%20finder


Two new features added

We added two new features this week,  both were asked for in the last user group.  First feature is the ability to see past events.  To access it you will see a check box “Show past events”.  Checking that box will show all of your past dates.  So if you are a skipper and want to see who did the NOODs with you last year, its easy.  Who crewed last weekend? Easy check the box.  Unchecking the box will return you to the default view of just the future events.

The other new feature is as a default, crew that signs up for more races will be placed on the left side of the crew list.  Ones that rarely or only occasionally signup will be placed to the right.   This works in conjunction with the “show past events” box.  If you have that checked it will count last year when figuring out who to place where within the view.  If two crew members have crewed the same of times they will be placed in alphabetical order.  image(1) copy.png

2018 Season is Near

Next week is our 2018 season kick off.  But you say it’s only January and in much of the country its freezing outside.  Well this week is also the start of the Chicago Strictly Sail and boat and RV show.  As we all know winter boat shows are a great time to get caught up with your summer friends and Meet some new people that you might be hanging out with on the Rail with this summer.  We will be having quite a few announcements next week and I encourage you to keep an eye on our blog and Facebook page.  Oh and by the way I gave you a hint in the text above…