Making lemonade…

Lemons – First the COVID-19 statement. All RailMeets personnel are currently happy and healthy. We are Chicago based but we do work with vendors around the globe. Everyone is currently working from home and we are working hard. All of our suppliers have shared with us and assured us with their business continuity plans. RailMeets is in great shape, ready for use now and when this is over.

Lemonade – What are we working on? A healthy refresh of the site, you may have noticed some changes in the crew and boat finders, the signup pages, and general readability of the site, you will notice a cleaner crisper look. We are also freshening up the crew confirmation pages and most aspects of the mobile interface. This should make RailMeets faster and easier to use. We will be rolling out the new pages over the next 30 days.

Wondering how to do something in RailMeets? See our help pages (bottom of every page) or contact us at
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Calendar Integration

Did you know you can integrate your RailMeets schedule with your phone, computer or cloud calendar? When you change your signups you will receive a signup notification email. Contained in that email is a file named Roster.ics, it’s basically a meeting notice. Click on that to open it. Your calendar app will ask you to confirm, when you do it will be added to your calendar
The invite is a standard format .ics file that can be handled by all modern email clients, be it Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, Yahoo Mail or Google Mail. Learn more at our help center.

No App Necessary

So I was hanging out at the Sailing Club last night and a user stopped me and asked when the “app” was coming out? Because of the way we built RailMeets an app is not necessary. It exists in the cloud and was built from the ground up to be mobile friendly. We routinely test on iPhones, iPads and various Android devices. Just use your phones web browser and getting a “app” for RailMeets is a simple as adding us to your home screen.

A couple of months ago I posted on our blog how to add RailMeets to your home screen. The instructions were for an iPhone but they they are similar for an Android device. check it out…

Going Mobile

Gang, RailMeets has always been mobile friendly. We set it up for a great user experience no matter what platform you are on, desktop, iPhone, iPad or any of the various Android devices. One of the cool things you can do is add a RailMeets shortcut to your device. This tip is iPhone specific but you can do similar thing with a Android

Call up in Safari, at the bottom of the screen you will see the square with the arrow pointing up, touch that.


From there scroll sideways till you see “Add to Home Screen”, touch that.



That will bring up the “Add to Home” page. If you started from “Your Dashboard” that will be the name listed. You can change it, I suggest



Click Done and that’s it you now have a RailMeets icon on your phones screen