Chicago NOOD and Crew Bosses

I was at the Chicago NOOD this past weekend. Thanks to RailMeets I crewed in two different boats a J/109 and a J/111. Thanks to those of you that stopped me to introduce yourself and provide feedback, ask questions as well as suggest features. Always a pleasure to talk to our users.

A common theme was how can I help my skipper keep organized and keep the team on top?  With RailMeets a skipper can set up a crew member as a crew manager or as I like to say crew boss. Here is how a skipper can do it. From the Dashboard click on My Boats, then click on your boat name. Next scroll down and click on Crews. From there find the crew member that you want to promote and click on Set Rolls. From there you can select Crew, which is the most basic, Manager can update and assign crew and events. The owner can do everything related to this boat. Each boat needs at least one owner or crew manager.  New crew defaults to Crew

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 9.15.53 AM.png

Now the new Crew Manager can approve crew requests, look for new crew, send invitations and confirm crew for a race. With power comes responsibility make sure the owner is involved with and on board with your decisions. You can also use this feature if the boat is a partnership, the sailor that set up the account can promote the other owners to owner status.

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